Julia Carmen Nazario Wilkerson

Wilkerson Enlarge photo


Julia was a vibrant Christian. She often spoke of her parental teaching of integrity and practice of nutritional values.

I first got to know Julia when she accompanied her sister-in-law Margaret Ann Wilkerson to or home to hear our gifted teacher Vila Mae Baisden. She later told me she prayed to receive Christ under Mrs. Baisden’s teaching.

We both moved to the Durango area about the same time, and our friendship grew.

When Julia established her first art studio in Bayfield, she invited me to lead a Bible class for those who needed more than she could do to encourage them. It was open to the community, and I still hear from some of those ladies after some 25 years.

When Julia moved her studio to rural Ignacio, many of her former students continued and others joined, some continued in our Bible class.

Julia was gifted by the Holy Spirit with gifts of evangelism, encouragement, hospitality and helpfulness. She had a natural gift for art, but every stroke of her brush was guided by the Holy Spirit.

I can just imagine the radiance of her smile as she was greeted by our Lord, Jesus Christ, as she passed from this realm to the next. Her witness was evident to all who ever met her.

Her sister in Christ,

Louise (Shaw) Sinderson