Charge more for higher-quality bags

In response to the discussion about plastic bags from shopping, in this area, there are some merchants that sell small waste baskets that the plastic bag will fit into for garbage.

Plastic garbage sacks are more expensive now, and the smaller ones may cost 25 cents each. So if stores should start charging 5 cents for each sack, it may be of heavier, stronger plastic and it would save the customer at least 20 cents for each one used. If only 1,000 people used the sack each week, that would be $200 a week saved, $800 a month saved, $104,000 a year saved and $1,040,000 in 10 years saved.

And it would stop using so much oil that is needed for other things, while also leaving insulated and cloth sacks on the market for shopping.

If they would start printing the nutritional values again of fruits and vegetables and produce on the small plastic sacks that they use for produce, I believe that would help to plan for better diets.

As people begin to realize the monetary value of being more frugal in this way, it may help to clean up the environment.

Jane Foley

Woodward, Okla.

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