Smart meters designed to erode civilization

I am saddened to believe the governments around the world have a sinister plot to resolving the growing population problem. I was astounded by an article in The Telegraph (July 5), written by a Boulder physicist, Gary Lee Duncan. Many points he made were crystal clear regarding his view of the downward slide in our civilization because of the global installations of smart meters. The grand plan for smart meters in our area is to have an additional 10,000 installations by the end of 2012 and be done by 2014.

A PBS News segment July 20 featured a woman named Valerie Hoop. She gave her view on smart meters, which were installed in her community without notification by an electrical provider six years ago. She stated that incidents of cancer, seizures and migraines are now higher than ever. Her testimony is not an isolated complaint.

La Plata Electric Association will allow customers to opt out. My opt-out form requires a signature, but does not say how much my choice costs, even though itís written there will be a future cost. I would never sign my name to a new car, house or a smart meter opt out if I did not know the dollar amount. I plan to type a memo to LPEA, without a pen-and-ink signature, stating my desire not to live in a house that is exposed to a harmful electromagnetic field 24/7.

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Sally Florence


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