Be safe and stop staring at the box

Once again I have had a near miss in my car with a pedestrian who was staring at his phone (the box) while walking across a local intersection. We all have had these encounters. Mainly, it is young people who seem to spend a lot of their time staring at the box. I canít help wonder how and why people can tune out the world when they should be paying attention to lifeís safety concerns. Iím all for technology and the advantages it brings, but please put it away while driving and doing other important tasks.

How much time out of oneís day do some people spend staring at the box? A friend recently told me his daughter had 40,000 text messages last month. By my calculations (at 5 seconds to read and reply) she spent 56 hours last month staring at the box. This doesnít even count time Interneting and Youtubing. Wow. The hours and days spent staring at the box.

This should be concerning to all and I donít know when it will get better. As a paramedic, I have been on many traumatic calls where it was deduced the victim was distracted by his or her phone. I can only hope that the media seeks out these phone distraction stories and makes a big deal of them. Look around at life and the wonderful place we live and save cyberspace travel for the appropriate time.

Bill Koons