Roundabout worsened traffic on Riverview

The new roundabout at Florida Road and Riverview only created additional problems for the Riverview neighborhood by putting more traffic on Riverview Drive and promoting faster speeds through our congested street.

There was no thought by the traffic planners as to any effects on the adjacent neighborhoods from the grand Florida Road plan.

So, for some real frustration, try getting anyone at City Hall, City Council, mayorís office or Public Works to listen to residents concerning traffic safety.

The answer is that there is no money for signs, lane striping, speed bumps or any other form of safety features for Riverview Drive in the first two blocks north of the roundabout. However, I just noticed that there is plenty of money for banners promoting the bike race and new public art in the center of the roundabout.

I would like to commend Lt. Baker of Durango Police Department as the one public official who will respond to safety concerns from ordinary residents. The police department canít solve the underlying safety concerns and has no support from the rest of city government.

Dave Johnson


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