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Car strikes man on College Drive


Medics tend to Ivan Bruckman, 70, who was hit by a car Wednesday while crossing College Drive at East Eighth Avenue.

By Shane Benjamin Herald staff writer

A Durango man was hit by a car Wednesday while crossing College Drive at East Eighth Avenue.

The incident occurred about 11:45 a.m. in front of Everyday gas station.

Ivan Bruckman, 70, was in serious condition Wednesday night at Mercy Regional Medical Center, said David Bruzzese, spokesman for the hospital.

Bruckman, who uses an electric wheelchair, was northbound in the crosswalk when a Subaru station wagon driven by Ani Gannone, 63, made a left turn to go west on College Drive from East Eighth Avenue.

Bruckman’s wheelchair was hit, tipping him over and knocking him about 10 feet into a gutter, said Sgt. John Ball, with the Durango Police Department.

Bruckman, who was buckled into the wheelchair, was knocked unconscious and had a head injury. He regained consciousness soon after medics arrived.

Three independent witnesses said Gannone had a green light when she turned left, Ball said. It was unknown if Bruckman pushed the crosswalk button, which would have illuminated the crosswalk sign, he said.

It is unlawful for pedestrians to cross when the red hand is illuminated at a crosswalk, Ball said. But it is also illegal for drivers to hit a pedestrian in the crosswalk, he said.

“They would both be at fault, because you can’t hit a pedestrian in the crosswalk even when they’re walking illegally,” Ball said.

No citations had been issued as of Wednesday afternoon, he said.

Police planned to meet with the Colorado Department of Transportation on Wednesday to determine whether the traffic signal is functioning property.

It is possible the signal allows drivers to turn left on a green arrow while allowing pedestrians to cross at the same time, which would be considered a flaw with the signal, Ball said.

Results of the test were not immediately available Wednesday.

It is believed Bruckman was on his way to the Everyday store, where he buys cigarettes about twice a month, said Kathy Chastain, an employee.

He usually calls in advance to make sure the store has his brand of cigarettes before making the trip, she said.


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