Liberals blame guns, never movies or music

Well the Herald has done it again, another inanely stupid cartoon at a sad time, this one depicting the National Rifle Association (Herald, July 23.)

Let me preface this letter by stating that I do not, nor have I ever, owned a gun. I do own an archery set, which I use exclusively for target sport.

Now for some history: rifles have been in existence for hundreds of years, repeating handguns for more than 150 years, and the Constitution for 220-plus years. Yet liberals choose to blame the Second Amendment for horrendously tragic events, like the movie theater massacre in Aurora.

These terrible happenings have become way too prevalent over the last 20 or so years, and are committed by demented, sick and whacked out people.

They do coincide, however, with advent of extremely violent films from Hollywood, perhaps starting with “Natural Born Killers” by Oliver Stone in the early 1990s, and the collection of Batman movies which have become darker and more sinister with each sequel. These Batman movies are in no way related to the Batman comic books of yore, nor the cartoon-like, light and entertaining Batman television show of the ’60s.

Just before the ’90s, our adventure films where more like the original “Star Wars” trilogy, which I am sure all will agree are in no way comparable.

The ’90s also produced the beginnings of the demeaning, often violent toned and tasteless rap music.

I am not blaming these, but they could be food for thought, much more in line with this senselessness than the Constitution.

As I said, I do not own a gun, also I do not care whether my neighbor does, as long as he or she is law-abiding. Maybe that person hunts or wants protection, it is none of my business. But the liberal mindset is “If I do not like it, then nobody should have it”. (Liberals always know what is best for us, thank goodness, for how could we get along without them.)

Tragedies should not be used to push an agenda.

Robert Goodrich