Tax bicyclist and build more bike lanes

In response to John Peel’s human interest column headlined “Horrifying crash, long ride” (Herald, July 30): For those of us who have long been concerned about bicycle safety, he has made our point quite clearly – cyclists ride safest when there are adequate bicycle lanes.

We have several family members who are avid cyclists (our grandson, racing for Devo/Sweet Elite, recently placed fifth at the Sun Valley Nationals) who often ride La Posta Road. That road, as with County Road 250 with its newly paved section, has a mix of areas with bicycle lanes and with no bicycle lanes. That presents an unfortunate challenge for cyclists and drivers alike, thus increasing the chance of rider error.

The reality is that where there are adequate lanes, there is no competition with drivers of any persuasion and thus no reason to have to look back over one’s shoulder and risk the possibility of swerving in any direction.

It seems to me that the solution is simple – more bicycle lanes. Would it not be worth the expense to prevent a potentially fatal event? They wouldn’t even have to be on both sides of the roadway – bicycle traffic could be limited to one-way travel. The costs could be offset by requiring annual permits for cyclists using public roadways or trails.

We all have to pay annually to ride or drive our off-road or on-road motorized vehicles. Why not our bicycles? While none of us feel undertaxed these days, this is one fee we would be happy to pay – our taxes visibly at work, so to speak, for a good local cause.

Gary Andersen