Durango full of dysfunctional junctions

On one of my frequent visits to Durango, I had the challenge of trying to navigate the intersection you call Malfunction Junction, then read the analysis by Mike Smedley and his team of physicists (Herald, July 30), which I am by profession. Their conclusion was that there are sufficient signs to avoid confusion.

They must not have checked the traffic trying to turn left from Third Avenue on to 15th Street during a rush hour or after church on Sunday. It was almost impossible for me on most occasions. From any direction at that intersection, it is extremely confusing to know who is supposed to do what when.

It shouldn’t take a physicist to figure out that a stop sign for those coming down Florida Road would solve many of these problems. I had the same sense of confusion with the entry from the frontage road when trying to cross the new bridge coming into town from the east. Maybe I should stay in Michigan.

Ronald Eenenaam

Holland, Mich.