Durango should embrace electric bicycles

We have a house in the mountains outside Durango and spend a lot of time there. When I read Action Line about the electric bikes causing a revolt on the trails (Herald, Aug. 6), it made me sick to see there are people out there who are that rude and narrow-minded.

My husband and I both have electric bikes, and they are a lot of fun. I have a bad back and I cannot pedal up some hills, and it really helps me. Our bikes are silent, and we only go about 15 miles per hour tops.

We love to ride and enjoy the scenery. We were planning to take them to Durango, but not now after reading this. How stupid people are. Not everyone can get in great shape. That is not what itís all about for everyone. Some people like to just enjoy getting out and going for a nice ride.

We are both in our late 50s, and riding our electric bikes is something we really look forward to. Itís too bad because I was really looking forward to bringing them this trip. Not now. I will leave them at home.

We have no problem with people here in California. People accept and like them. I used my electric bike to commute to work. I could not have done it with a regular bike. Itís a 26-mile round trip. Electric bikes are great, and I think more people should have them. It makes riding fun.

Linda Betker

Yorba Linda, Calif.