Guns are not social disease

As I read the article about guns ranking as social disease (Herald, Aug. 12), it made me laugh. That is a big load of anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment garbage. The thinking is very flawed. Did you know that: 1) more people die every year from medical mistakes than from guns, 2) more people die every year from auto accidents every year than from guns, 3) one concealed-gun carrier in these shootings could have prevented these mass killings, 4) In mass shootings where the police respond to stop them, 20.3 people killed is the average, but in mass shootings that are stopped by civilians, the average is 2.3 people killed.

The problem comes from kids being abused, from people who are mentally diseased to start with. No gun has ever killed anyone by itself. Some deranged person has to pick it up. The Herald needs to get its facts right and print the truth not half-truths and outright propaganda. We have too many gun laws now, we dont need more.

J.D. Ledford