Colorado wrong to tax veterans’ retirement

So you serve your country for 21 years in some of the worst areas of the world. Watch your friends die in your arms. Never once having your vote counted in those 21 years because the ballots did not get there in time. Never once claiming the state of Colorado as your residency.

Deciding to retire here because you enjoyed the training here at one time. Yet, Colorado feels it is entitled to part of your retirement and disability compensation from the federal government after what combat veterans have gone through. What a crock.

I tried contacting my state government and asking them how this is possible, yet get no response. Many states do not tax their veterans’ retirement, mainly because it is not so much, and you cannot live on it or actually retire.

I guess it is just the way this country is going – always getting something for nothing and the government always wanting more. Soon, I will be paying for my own health care that was supposed to be free after all I have done. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs does a good job when you can get in (60 days out) or travel 4½ hours to Albuquerque.

Bottom line: The great state of Colorado could not care less about its veterans or our sacrifice.

Just keep digging into our pockets and denying us of the little we need to help cover some of our medical bills and other little things we could use to make our lives easier after all we have been through.

Thanks. Maybe one day our politicians can serve in combat and deal with the disabilities that come with it to actually understand what I am talking about.

Is there any politician out there who actually wants to help veterans? Change the state tax codes to allow veterans to enjoy life they have been denied because of their sacrifices to this country and actually keep something this state never earned?

I am looking for some common sense on this one, but that does not exist in politics.

Christopher M. Jones


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