Bessie Marian Davis

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Bessie Davis

Many Durango area residents might not recognize my mother by name, but they knew her as “The Disney Dollar Lady.” She loved to give Disney dollars to children she saw at Walmart, and everywhere she went. Parents would try to pay her for them, but they were a gift of joy. Mother wanted to see delight in children’s faces, and the gift was in the giving. One little girl of 6 wrote, “Thank you” on a restaurant napkin for my mother. She had been given a Disney dollar a year before by my mother and remembered her.

Mother loved visiting Disney World, and the dollars were the perfect remembrance of those wonderful times. She wanted others to share in the wonder. She sometimes gave the dollars to adults but they were often unsure of the intention and meaning of the dollars. Once they understood they were gifts, they, too, were delighted.

If you received one of the Disney dollars, remember the delight you felt when it was given to you. They may be worth only a dollar at Disney, but they are priceless in the joy they gave Mother.

Melba Ann Davis