Todd King – Lewis Unpledged delegate (Supports Ron Paul)

Todd King has left his horseshoe-shaped footprints all over the Four Corners.

King, a self-employed farrier, has mastered the art of getting big, sometimes stubborn animals to cooperate while he changes their shoes.

He hasnt had as much success in getting the Republican Party to change its ways, but hes working on it.

King had always assumed the party was on the right course until a friend challenged that belief nine or 10 years ago. He got involved in the party and serves as a precinct chairman.

He also discovered Ron Paul, a perennial candidate who calls for a much smaller government.

King ran as a national convention delegate in 2008 and finished in seventh place. Only the first six went to the convention.

This year, he linked with Pauls national campaign staff and rounded up support in advance of the 3rd Congressional District convention. He finished first.

As some other Ron Paul backers, hes no fan of Mitt Romney.

If Ron Paul does not receive enough to get nominated, I just will not vote, King said this summer.

King is married with two kids a boy and a girl and several dogs, including twin Rhodesian Ridgebacks named Liberty and Freedom.