And the winners are ...

In the hoopla surrounding the 2012 USA Pro Cycling Challenge last week, lost were the winners of a more homegrown event.

The La Plata County Fair, which took place earlier this month, showcases talent emanating from corral to kitchen to kennel. Prize winners numbered in the hundreds; most went home with bragging rights but not large purses. None had a victory overshadowed by allegations of doping.

Quilting alone offered competition in small, medium and large bed quilts, small and large wall quilts, art quilts and “other” categories, each with it’s subdivisions.

A hand-tool Olympics, a chance for a handyman to show how to drive a nail, tighten a bolt or replace a toilet seat, was new this year.

But old standbys such as rodeo events were dropped. A full listing of winners in all categories and division can be found at Congratulations to all participants.

It’s probably safe to say a good time was enjoyed by all.

See you in 2013 for the 65th fair – you know where.

Herald Staff

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