Tax fairness unlikely to be Romney priority

Recent revelations about Mitt Romney’s tax returns should give voters pause. Romney, a multi-millionaire, claims he pays only about 13 percent in taxes per year, much lower than that paid by most middle-class Americans.

He’s against raising taxes on the wealthy in any way, so, apparently, he believes he’s paying his fair share. But, of course, it’s not fair and no one can reasonably claim it to be.

I don’t necessarily fault Romney as an individual for taking advantage of tax loopholes created for the wealthy — although the likely loophole in his case is the outrageous “carried interest tax exemption” designed just for the big-money managers in his industry.

What bothers me is that he seems to believe in the “we-deserve-to-pay-lower-taxes-than-everyone-else-because-we-generate-the-wealth” trickle-down rationalization that has helped create the large gap between rich and poor in this country. It doesn’t seem likely that a political leader with this point of view will make it a priority to fashion policies designed to fairly share the nation’s tax burden.

Herb Bowman