Salon owner fears dispensary odors

Doug Boykin, owner of Incognito Hair Salon, raised a stink Tuesday about aromas from a medical marijuana dispensary proposed for next door to his business in the Main Avenue alleyway between Seventh and Eighth streets.

Boykin was afraid of the possibility of criminal break-ins and pot smells wafting into his shop at 742 Main Ave. His insurance company told him they would not cover the costs of repeated break-ins to his shop because of the high risk of being next to a medical marijuana dispensary.

During a public hearing of the Licensing Authority, Boykin said he would need a swamp cooler to keep the weed smell out.

I am just concerned it will be bad for business, Boykin told the board. I will have to explain to my clients, No, Im not the stoner.

But the licensing board voted 3-0 to approve the relocation of Sante dispensary from 171 E. Seventh St. to the Main Avenue alleyway because board members and board attorney David Smith did not think they had sufficient legal grounds to deny the request.

Ron Guffey, an owner of Sante, promised to put in carbon filters and make the improvements in ventilation necessary to keep the marijuana smells from spreading next door.

Guffey said his shop would be sealed so tight it would be like a box within a box.

Boykin said he would be satisfied if Sante could keep the smell contained.

In other business, Orios Roadhouse, 652 Main Ave., is opposing allegations that it recently served liquor after the last call, or after 2 a.m.

Attorney Paul Whistler said the police did not have sufficient grounds for probable cause, noting that the bars receipts showed the last purchase of alcohol at 1:55 a.m.

Because police were not available to make their case, the hearing was continued until Sept. 18.

In other action, Betos, a Mexican restaurant at 275 E. Eighth Ave. Suite C, was approved for a full liquor license so it can serve margaritas and beer.

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