Decadent DIY dessert at Girls Night Out

Girls Night Out for the Women’s Resource Center at Blue Lake Ranch featured the coolest dessert you’ve ever seen.

Sari Brown of Yellow Carrot concocted a do-it-yourself s’mores bar, complete with two, 2-foot-long raised rectangles sporting four flames apiece.

In compartments below, graham crackers dipped in vanilla or chocolate waited, as well as a dizzying caramel sauce and hot fudge so rich it was almost black in color.

On the sides, marshmallows the size of oranges and apricots lined up next to skewers.

At first, guests were timid about approaching the DIY contraption, but once they got the hang of it – skewer marshmallow, line up for a flame, toast to liking and add crackers and condiments – laughter and oohs and ahs of sugar-consuming pleasure followed.

An apricot-sized marshmallow singed on the edges and drizzled lightly with caramel sauce, no graham cracker needed, was not just perfection but goofy, gooey fun.

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