CDOT recommendation the best for 550/160

I support the final recommendation of the realignment of U.S. Highway 550/160 through the Webb property. If you read the online document at, you will see the subdivisions and businesses that would be destroyed by the eastern alternative route.

The Skyview subdivision has 27 acres, including 22 green conservancy acres and one business, which would all be destroyed. This is a close-knit community of homeowners and renters that has existed for almost 40 years. This subdivision is near the Three Springs Boulevard eastern alternative route.

The western alternative route would destroy an established business. Both alternative routes would cost more to the taxpayers.

If significant archaeological findings are an issue, Lake Nighthorse recently and McPhee Reservoir in the past managed this with evaluation and excavation by professional archaeologists. The projects were delayed until appropriate studies, action and reporting were concluded, but the projects were eventually finished.

Please read about the financial impact as well as the social impact on established communities and businesses compared with impacts on the Webb property.

Lynne Murison