Calling tea party names counterproductive

Unfortunately, I had to leave Southwest Colorado to care for an ailing father. But I stay in touch with the beautiful mountains of Southwest Colorado through The Durango Herald online. I also enjoy reading the letters to the editor.

Frank Duffy wrote, “The tea party is anti-freedom and sociopathic,” (Letters, Herald, Aug. 29). The original Boston Tea Party was mainly about taxation without representation.

Where I live in California, I have two extremely liberal senators, Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein, and a liberal representative, Loretta Sanchez.

As a conservative, I pay federal taxes and have absolutely no representation in Washington, D.C.

The tea party is about total freedom, especially from government intrusion. They believe in smaller government, lower taxes and fairly regulated free enterprise. It is the liberals who want to force me to buy health insurance whether I want it or not.

It is the liberals who want to regulate free enterprise to the point of strangulation. It is the liberals who want the government to take care of them and relieve them of the responsibility of caring for themselves.

While a person may not agree with another party’s viewpoint, to call them “sociopathic” is counterproductive.

Mike McKinzie

Garden Grove, Calif.

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