Make way for fall

It’s September and the seasons are changing – at least at the fruit stands and Farmers Market.

Gone or almost gone are corn, green beans, nectarines and peaches (although Gott’s Orchards on Highway 3 still has some fruit). Locally grown watermelons and cantaloupe can still be found, as well as delicious tomatoes, although not for long.

For fruit, pears and apples are starting to come on strong and Gott’s and Matt Hauser, who now sells his produce at the southwest corner of 30th Street and Main Avenue, have several varieties.

For vegetables, this is a bounteous month, with squashes – zucchini, summer, pattypan and more – in abundance, as well as eggplant, onions, beets and cauliflower coming in. The Gardens at James Ranch is still offering amazingly sweet sugar snap peas and a fresh harvest of colorful peppers.

A taste of fall is already on the way.