Now Showing for Sept. 14-20

The Back Space Theatre

(1120 Main Ave., 259-7940)

Under African Skies. (No Ebert rating) Paul Simon returns to South Africa 25 years after the making of his “Graceland” album. Among the memories was the political censure he received for breaking the anti-apartheid U.N. sanctions in place at the time.

Gaslight Cinema

(102 Fifth St. Next to the railroad depot, 247-8133)

The Odd Life of Timothy Green. HHH½ Warning: This is a feel-good movie full of the kind of warm and fuzzy stuff that only Disney can deliver. A childless couple gets their wish when a little boy shows up on their doorstep. And then I stopped paying attention. Why spoil it? Rated PG.

Hope Springs. HHH Tommy Lee Jones and Meryl Streep play a married couple that tries counseling after 30 years together. Rated PG-13.

Durango Stadium 9

(Next to Durango Mall, 247-9799)

Finding Nemo. HHHH (In standard format and digital 3-D with surcharge.) This movie is 9 years old, so there’s no harm in giving away the plot: A fish’s son is fishnapped and he goes on a quest to get him back. Rated G.

Last Ounce of Courage. (No Ebert rating) Long story short: a GI has a baby, GI dies in battle, baby grows up and this plot follows the relationship of the baby and the GI’s dad, the baby’s grandfather. Hope that makes sense. Rated PG.

Resident Evil: Retribution. (No Ebert rating: In standard format and digital 3-D with surcharge.) Alice keeps battling the Umbrella Corp. and the undead until the next movie comes out. Rated R.

Obama’s America: 2016. (No Ebert rating) A timely but controversial film that asks the question: If Obama wins a second term, where will we be in four years? Rated PG.

The Words. HH We find that a successful writer may have “borrowed” some of the material that earned him that success from a lost Hemingway manuscript. Such actions have consequences. Rated PG-13.

The Possession. (No Ebert rating) They’d have called this “The Exorcist,” but the name was already taken. A young girl gets herself possessed by an evil spirit and her parents spend the next couple of hours trying to rid their lives of the thing. Rated PG-13.

Lawless. HH½ Hard to tell who the bad guys are in this Depression-era crime tale. The cops want a cut of the gangsters’ profits and these guys aren’t the sharing type. Rated R.

Hit & Run. HHH½ A thriller in which a man comes out of the Witness Protection program to take his gal on a north-south trip in California and draws the attention of his former gang members, the leader played by a dreadlocked Bradley Cooper. Rated R.

ParaNorman. (No Ebert rating) In this animated adventure, a boy has powers that allow him to speak with the dead and battle ghosts and zombies. So it falls to him to lift an old curse on his hometown. Rated PG.

The Expendables 2. (No Ebert rating) If these people were already expendable (and they were), how can there be a sequel? Rated R.

The Bourne Legacy. HH½ Jeremy Renner plays Aaron Cross, the government’s latest chemistry experiment gone awry. Rated PG-13.

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