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Ballantine Communications is pleased to announce the addition of USA TODAY content to its news and information resources to benefit readers and website visitors.

In the coming days, editors at The Durango Herald and at the Cortez Journal will begin to select stories and graphics created for USA TODAY to appear in print and online. The content, usually by USA TODAY reporters with considerable experience in their fields, will add to what is generated by the Associated Press.

For example, Susan Page, USA TODAY’s Washington bureau chief, is a two-time winner of the Gerald R. Ford Award for her coverage of the presidency. Page heads a team of reporters known for accuracy and balance in their coverage of Congress, the Supreme Court, federal agencies and the Pentagon.

Reporters with USA TODAY’s Money section cover all aspects of business from personal finance to investing, from banking to bank regulation, from technology to consumer insights. The Life section is renowned for its coverage of education, religion, health and wellness, leisure and travel.

USA TODAY Sports provides a national perspective on athletic events large and small.

The Herald and the Journal also will continue an internship program with the School of Communications at American University in Washington, D.C., to provide dedicated coverage of our congressional delegation.

Most of the national and international reporting in the two newspapers will continue to be from the Associated Press, while the USA TODAY content will provide some uniqueness and diversity for our readers.

I hope that you enjoy this significant addition.

Richard G. Ballantine, publisher

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