Durango food co-op backs Calif. proposition

This November, California residents will vote on Proposition 37, a ballot initiative that would require companies to label genetically modified ingredients. California would be the first state to adopt such a measure.

Durango Natural Foods Co-op, a supporter of Prop 37, is doing its part to help. Customers can choose to round up to the nearest dollar of the total cost of their purchase, and proceeds from the difference will be sent to California Right to Know, the main Prop 37 advocacy group.

Opponents of Prop 37, mostly food-manufacturing and biotech companies, have outraised supporters about $27 million to $4 million so far. Monsanto Co. and DuPont Co. each have contributed more than $4 million. Other major donors include Nestle, PepsiCo Inc., ConAgra Foods Inc. and Coca-Cola Co.

Polls this summer showed about two-thirds of Californians favored Prop 37.

Some proponents of organic food, despite supporting the measure in principle, have expressed concerns about the effect of repackaging and relabeling food prices and that certain categories of food are exempt from the requirements.

Herald Staff

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