It is too bad that market forces don’t always work as well as we think they should. Take plastic bags, for instance. Because of the compelling evidence of the perils of plastic to our health and environment, nearly 90 cities and communities across the country have banned or curtailed single-use plastic bags. Durango soon will follow suit. Yet despite this, I still am asked when I shop at local grocery stores, “Is plastic OK?”

Perhaps market forces work for some things, but when it comes to the health and well-being of our planet, these forces don’t seem to work too well. Are corporate leaders at City Market, Albertsons and Walmart so disconnected that even with all the dialogue about how bad plastic is, they still refuse to steer their companies and customers away from plastic bags? In fact, when one asks a leading question such as, “Is plastic OK,” one encourages the use of plastic bags. If grocery stores’ management had shown leadership, it would have trained its checkers to ask, “Did you bring your own bag?” Then, we may not have needed regulation at all.

Fortunately, many Durangoans know the right answer to the question, “Is plastic OK?” I am glad that City Council does, as well.

Mip van Suchtelen


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