Answer to who stole our country is clear

“We want our country back” is a slogan often heard at Republican rallies. The implication is that it was taken. Who took it, and where was it taken? The last I checked, the country was still here so perhaps we should find out who is misleading us about where the country was.

In fact, these words are euphemisms frequently used by Republicans who are uncomfortable with a black man as president, a conservative at that. So they cloud the debate by calling Obama a socialist, communist or other names that have negative political implications. It should be noted that Republican leaders met the night Obama was inaugurated and vowed to oppose Obama on every point and not to allow him any political success. Filibusters during the past two Congresses make that point exceedingly clear. Politics of Republican obstructionism is the new way of governing as it keeps Democrats from really addressing issues such as financial and budget reform.

Under the guise of preventing voter fraud, Republican legislatures have embarked upon a clear mission to suppress the vote. The sad reality is that they have succeeded in getting laws passed that would keep some voters who have cast ballots legitimately in 20 presidential elections from voting.

Trickle-down economics and deregulation have perverted the American dream. Congress has not made the requisite ongoing investment in grants and scholarships for higher education, preferring to continue supporting bankers who have gleefully profited on the “go into debt” model for higher education. A whole generation of indentured servants has been created to work for slave masters from whom they cannot unshackle. Millions of dollars are spent lobbying to keep it that way.

The reality is that “our country” was taken by the 1 percent because Reagan Republicans sold out the middle class with a myth.

David Black