Class envy promotes a Marxist agenda

Oh, yes, just got to hate the wealthy. Class envy directed at the wealthy is the message. Does this hateful emotion support America or make America better in some way?

After all, most nongovernment jobs are, indeed, created by wealthy people. If you still have a job, thank the wealthy person you work for or join forces with the president and perhaps you can lose your job and learn how to rely on the all-wise government for your every need.

Does turning the people against the wealthy in hard times promote the presidentís agenda? Of course, it does. After all, how can you set up a Marxist government within a free-enterprise system? Thatís impossible. You must first make the times even harder and then destroy the free enterprise system that allowed wealthy people to become that way. Then you can own and start to control the people.

Many people have fought to have freedom from governmental tyranny. Are we so naive as to forfeit our freedom that so many have died for in exchange for Obamaís promises telling us what we want to hear just so he can remain in power?

You and I get to decide in November.

Benny Coffey