Be smart and vote for the right people

Iím tired of slick-tongued lawyers and environmental ideologues running our local, state and federal governments. Look what the last city election did for us, electing Sweetie Marbury and Dick White. Plastic- and paper-bag fees (as one attendee stated in the task force meeting: ďDonít be naÔve, people, plastic bags is just the first stepĒ), organically controlled parks (who are you going to sue when your child breaks his leg in a rodent hole or contracts West Nile virus?), more of that 0.5 percent tax going to open spaces (how do we end that tax?) and soon to be started, single-stream recycling (thatís going to cost the city, folks).

Remember, for every dollar not spent in Durango, it costs $18 in lost taxable dollars for the city. I urge county folks to make a statement to City Council and go south to shop, then send your receipts to the council. I know itís not politically correct, but Iím tired of that, too.

Where does all this lead me? My vote is going to realistic, honest and business people. Those who know how to run a successful business. Those who have lived here for a long time and know the area and its people. Those who know what business is looking for when it comes to regulations, location, economy and infrastructure.

Yes, my vote is going to Harry Baxstrom, veterinarian/business owner for 35 years; Kellie Hotter, commissioner/business owner for 30 years; J. Paul Brown, local rancher/business owner; Scott Tipton, U.S. representative/business owner; and Mitt Romney, governor/businessman.

Wake up, people. You want a job, the economy to improve and a secure future? Vote for the correct people because itís smart, not because it sounds good or feels good.

Deborah Marquart


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