Hello, again

Here's a bit about this blogger: I'm the mother of two boys and my “day job” is as city editor for The Durango Herald. A couple of years ago, I pitched the idea for a parenting blog to the powers that be at the Herald and eventually got the green light. For about a year, I blogged actively, but after a promotion, from a beat reporter to a (desk monkey) manager, I let blogging fall by the wayside. Now, however, I'm back.

Here's what you can expect from this blog: there will be, of course, much said about parenting and the associated triumphs and travails. There will be a lot (like A LOT) about food. This is because I love food. What's not to love? This adoration necessarily extended to cooking after I had children because eating out is exorbitantly expensive with a family. I love to grow food, too, so there will be a lot about that.

There also will be a lot about human failings because all the aforementioned things (working, mothering, providing) demand more time than I have to achieve perfection. So merely venturing to undertake them at all is committing to fall short. Repeatedly. Everyday. And feeling bad about it even though I expect it. In this blog I want to acknowledge that. Even embrace it. My only qualification to write about parenting is that I am a parent and that's an achievement pretty much anyone reading this can claim. Which is why I want all of you to weigh in, disagree, like it, dislike it, share it, tweet it, whatever.

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