Obama trying to downsize U.S. role in world

Obama has warned in his autobiography, Dreams From My Father, and his actions as president have confirmed his ultimate objective is to downsize the United States to an “average” member of the community of nations. Obama says we do not deserve to be a superpower because we obtained our status through neo-colonialism. That is, we “stole” our wealth from other nations by exploiting resources from unsuspecting people and we must atone for our “sins.”

How does he plan to cut us down to size? First is to spend recklessly without any budget so that we accumulate massive national debt owed to countries such as China and Middle Eastern oil producers. This will devalue our currency so we cannot maintain our strong economic position through world trade. We are already a debtor nation.

Second is to reduce our military strength dramatically and unilaterally by reducing our defense spending and our nuclear-weapons inventory. As a result, we will no longer have a strong position at the world’s bargaining table.

Third is to reduce our domestic energy production by shutting down exploration and production of gas and oil offshore and onshore on federally controlled lands. Obama has already done much of this, including stopping the Keystone pipeline project. He has simultaneously given large sums of aid to Mexico, Brazil and Chile to develop their off-shore gas and oil reserves, which makes no sense.

Fourth, he is weakening our traditional alliances with nations like Great Britain, Israel and Eastern Europe. He has been lukewarm in his dealings with these staunch friends while ignoring the nuclear threats from Iran and North Korea, as they are “tiny nations.” He has selectively aided and ignored revolutions and turmoil in the Muslim world, including Libya, Egypt, Jordan, and Syria and the Muslim Brotherhood has risen to power. They are a serious threat to Israel, the only pro-Western democracy in the region.

“American exceptionalism” is not in Obama’s vocabulary. A majority of Americans are uneasy about our country’s current direction. They should be. Obama must be replaced.

Jim Beatty


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