Send J. Paul Brown back to the farm

I read with interest about the debate between Rep. J. Paul Brown and Mike McLachlan (Herald, Sept. 8). I have attended a few meetings with Brown and asked questions on not only topics I was interested in, but I wanted to see where he is on the political spectrum.

I mentioned that when I lived in Wyoming, people were against zoning until large Japanese pig farms started buying up the land in eastern Wyoming and destroying existing homes and towns with pollution and smell. I mentioned that zoning is about freedom, so you can invest in your land without worry about what happened in Wyoming happening to you.

When I asked him about his views on zoning, he said if you are worried about the property that surrounds you, then buy it. Not a real solution for most folks. I also found he has the right-wing views on conspiracy theories of NATO and the U.N. taking over Americansí lands.

Letís put common sense and moderation back in government and send Rep. Brown back home to his farm.

Larry Berger