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Illegal liquor sale sting nets 5 businesses

By Jim Haug Herald staff writer

Five local businesses are alleged to have served alcohol to an 18-year-old purchaser from the state Liquor Enforcement Division on July 26.

They are the Diamond Belle & Henry Strater Theatre, Authentic CrÍpes, Jean-Pierre Bakery, W.J. Doyle Wine and Spirits, and Zia Taqueria.

Authentic CrÍpe and Jean-Pierre Bakery have settled their cases while the other three case are still pending, a state official said.

Like Authentic CrÍpes, which wonít serve any wine or beer between today and Saturday. Jean-Pierre has agreed to suspend its liquor license for five days rather than go through a formal show-cause hearing.

Jean-Pierre, 601 Main Ave., wonít serve any beer or wine between Oct. 5-9 as a sanction for serving a glass of chardonnay wine to the underage drinker.

Its liquor license was suspended for a total of 15 days, but 10 days will be held in abeyance for a year as long as there are no more violations to the Colorado Liquor Code.

Calls to the three other establishments whose cases are pending were not immediately returned Monday.

According to a restaurant source who asked for anonymity because he did not have permission to speak on behalf of his business, the under-age purchaser could have passed for a 30-year-old woman.

He said she was very aggressive about ordering alcohol.


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