Hotter showed no common sense with plan

LOL (laughing out loud) every time you see a Kellie Hotter sign touting “Common Sense Leadership.” Maybe it’s an inside joke?

Last fall, hundreds of La Plata residents signed my petition on under the moniker “Common Sense La Plata.” We begged Hotter and Lieb to move forward with the 20-year county plan that was years in the making. We begged them to not ignore 150 meetings worth of residents’ comments. To not toss away $750,000 of residents’ money.

They “took a time out.” They shelved it. But now, 12 months later, Hotter has resurrected “Common Sense” as her own slogan. LOL.

Wasting our time and our money, not having the courage of her original convictions – the ones that she originally cited when supporting sustainability, way back in 2009 – that’s somehow common sense? Makes me laugh. Or cry.

Residents, are you tired of politicians who need “timeouts”?

Then please, vote for Julie Westendorff and Gwen Lachelt. They’ll get the job done.

Anne Markward