Visit to Telluride shows what bag ban is like

I recently visited Telluride and had a firsthand experience with that townís plastic bag ban. After purchasing groceries at Central Market, I was faced with the reality of transporting my items out to my car without bags. I had to carry my food items in pockets, teeth and both hands.

This is not progress, nor a decision we want our visitors to be faced with when shopping in Durango.

It seems to me that Durango residents who are concerned about the plastic bag issue do a pretty good job about bringing their own bags to the supermarket. We donít need a city or government ban on bags.

I recently installed a Trek deck on my house that is made from, among other things, recycled plastic grocery bags. Take advantage of the recycle bins in your local super market and recycle your plastic bags and voluntarily use your own grocery bags at the markets. We donít need laws and regulations to control our good behavior.

Darryl Metz