Obama taking out his problems on Americans

Romney’s production-based economic plan gives hope to America because it means everybody should get a tax break: not just certain preferred groups who have contributed nothing, including their fair share. The plan also believes in getting government out of the way of business.

Obama’s idle-based economic plan is based on a deep hatred of the Constitution as well as those who are responsible and actually produce something for society.

Obama knows where the money is: the middle class, which he has gouged for mare than three years and intends to do so permanently.

Part of his plan is to force the United States into a Third World situation where everybody is equally disadvantaged except for his chosen colors and groups. He is using the past to drag down the best, brightest and most productive to supposedly help those who are not.

He believes in coercing businesses to repatriate when it’s his craven kind that forced them, through taxing, regulation, threats, and extortion, to outsource. He is the real outsourcer. However, occupier-in-chief supporters don’t care about work; therefore, the economy doesn’t mean anything to them.

He said that nobody in business took any risk or invested any hard work, that the government is what begot their success; therefore, it’s all right if his kind of government takes everything from businesses. He does not want a budget because he wants a total open end to robbing anyone who pays taxes, owns anything or expects to own anything.

He has been taking out his personal problems on the American citizens and he expects his supporters to continue to use government to cover their personal problems instead of each person being responsible.

Ideally, government is for roads, military and public lands.

The best economic plan would be that each person pays exactly the same tax regardless of income. Problems would finally be affordable and this would also be the end of classism.

Production is the way out: not debt or quantitative easing.

Whenever Obama says “Republicans,” he means Americans.

John Feazel

Pagosa Springs