Women denied equal protection

Americans want cheap labor and don’t want to pay for it. Betrayal of equal protection under law (14th Amendment) has created a country that grants men plenty of pay to support the bars, and denies women enough pay to support their families.

Women’s issues are not a side issue, but where the rubber meets the road in America. Single mothers are punished with the lowest pay of all groups. Nobody wants to pay for women’s health care. Nobody wants to pay women enough to afford health care. Who pays to feed unplanned children?

Against this backdrop, Republicans further betray our daughters’ guarantee of immunities and privileges of the 14th Amendment in denying them legal, accessible or affordable reproductive-health care, under the guise of “personhood” that lasts nine months. Republicans invade women’s bodies, funneling poor women to bear children nobody can or will feed after birth, when “personhood” ends.

Their “hand of God” will not search their wallets to take responsibility for their actions, like deadbeat parents. Remember 2010 when Colorado Republican legislators voted to deny funding for school meals for children in hunger? The next year, they granted themselves a raise. President Bush’s values and policies added nearly 5 million children to the hunger rolls in the United States. The values of Gov. Rick Perry form a state where one in four children lives in abject poverty and malnourishment.

Republicans’ predatory policy of “legitimate betrayal and abuse” provides the wealthy with a home-grown tractable cheap labor force, and a privatized prison population, by denying poor women health care, decent pay and by cutting nutrition programs.

Is this social engineering? We are racing our communities to the bottom while bowing in submission to the wealthiest.

What an advancement it will be when we hold politicians accountable for denying our daughters the 14th Amendment guarantee of equal protection for immunities and privileges of our Constitution, the First Amendment freedom of religion, the 13th Amendment freedom from slavery, the right to privacy from an intrusive government, and a free market in health care.

Ann T. Johnson