Lachelt will work for a balanced approach

Being buffeted equally by the impact of rules and of no rules in La Plata County and in the historic neighborhoods of Durango, I am shocked that the county comprehensive plan on which so many of us spent hours and hours was ditched without a backward look.

Residents of La Plata County who are also residents of the city of Durango need a county commissioner who can bring some leadership and collaboration to the complex relationship between the city and county so the needs and concerns of all residents are addressed.

We need a county commissioner who can balance our very clear need for rules and regulations with our desire that rules and regulations not intrude unnecessarily in our lives and business.

That someone is Gwen Lachelt. Before firing off an opinion, she is willing to weigh the merits of both sides.

Her interest is in improving the working interface between city and county rather than bending to the wishes of any particular single interest.

This is what all of La Plata County needs. Please vote for Gwen Lachelt for county commissioner and work together for a balanced approach to the challenges ahead.

Susan Davies