Science shows life starts at conception

It is a scientific fact that the life of every human being begins at conception, by the union of a sperm and an ovum, resulting in the formation of a viable zygote.

Even though the zygote does not appear any more human than the subsequent early developing embryo within the womb, it is complete human life containing all the genetic ingredients that constitute, determine and regulate the biological attributes and anatomical features of a human being at birth.

Nothing is added to a developing human from within the womb, except the life-sustaining nutrients absorbed through the vascular system in the placenta, and as such, a human life within the womb is a separate entity and is not integrated into a woman’s anatomy.

This negates the false claim that human life developing in the womb is a woman’s body – the womb is; the life within is not.

Holy scripture declares that a God-given immortal spirit is present within a human life at conception. On the same day Jesus Christ was conceived in Mary’s womb, she proclaimed, in her visit, the good news to her cousin Elizabeth, who was six months pregnant.

The fetus of John the Baptist, present in Elizabeth’s womb, “leaped” for joy in response to the holy spirit of Christ, who was “present” in Mary’s womb. Therefore, if you believe that the spirit of Christ was present at his conception, it is reasonable to believe that a God-given spirit is also present in every human life at conception.

Whereas science proves that the life of every human being begins at conception, scripture supports the rationale that every conceived human life is infused with an immortal spirit by our loving God and is declared as “the fruit of the womb.”

In essence, the truth of conception, revealed from scientific and scriptural viewpoints, should be very seriously considered before a final decision is made to terminate a God-given human life within the womb.

Bob Gramera