Earth Briefs

Grant received to study arborglyphs

The San Juan Mountains Association announces it has received a grant from the Colorado State Historical Fund to study Hispanic arborglyphs along the Pine Piedra Stock Driveway.

The project includes archaeological recording of two concentrations of arborglyphs (aspen tree carvings) along the driveway, historical research on the Hispanic use of the areas along the driveway, interviews with Hispanic carvers and/or their descendents, a project book and project exhibits. The study will begin in 2013.

For more information, call Ruth Lambert at 385-1267.

4CORE announces energy contest winner

Four Corners Office for Resource Efficiency (4CORE) announces the grand prize winner of the HomeRx Energy Efficiency Makeover Contest is La Plata County homeowner Emily Lloyd.

Launched in May, the contest has awarded three local families with home energy-efficiency improvements to enhance comfort and reduce energy consumption.

Lloyd will receive a free comprehensive energy audit by WeatherCo to identify potential energy savings and other areas of improvement. Insulation is provided by ProBuild, and air sealing services will be provided by 4CORE. The grand prize is valued at $1,500.

4CORE provides resources for homeowners to save money on rising utility bills, while addressing common health and safety risks for occupants.

For more information, email or call 259-1916.

Herald Staff