A&E Happenings for Oct. 11

Courtesy of Ryan Finnigan

Bennie the Booze Organ will again be the centerpiece for Saturday’s Robot Rumpus at the Durango Discovery Museum. Creator Ryan Finnigan of CarbonForm Design will give an original musical performance scored by Peter Barnett, AKA DJ Peter Robot. It is believed Bennie is the world’s only cocktail-mixing booze organ and he was the winner of a 2010 award at the Roboxdotica festival in Vienna, Austria. Other new musical inventions to be unveiled at the Robot Rumpus include “The Beer Orchestra” (making music as you drink), playable pencil drawings, live dancers playing each other as instruments and a hacked Nintendo powerglove.

Thursday, Oct. 11

Student recitals, 12:20 p.m., free, Roshong Recital Hall at FLC, 247-7087.

Chili Night with Mark Berenson, 5 p.m., Ska Brewing Co., 225 Girard St., 247-5792, www.skabrewing.com.

Yvonne Varis and Peter Neds, 5 p.m., Christina’s Grill & Bar, 21382 U.S. Highway 160 west, 382-3844.

Greg Ryder, 5:30 p.m., Diamond Belle Saloon, 699 Main Ave., 375-7150.

Durango Heritage Celebration Concert with The Six Dollar String Band, 7 p.m., (donation), Henry Strater Theatre, 699 Main Ave., 375-7160, www.henrystratertheatre.com.

Robby Overfield, 7 p.m., Derailed Saloon, 725 Main Ave., 247-5440, www.derailedsaloon.com.

Rob Webster, 7 p.m., Office Spiritorium, 699 Main Ave., 375-7260.

Public Education in the 21st Century: Where Do We Go from Here?” by John Anderson, Life-Long Learning Series, 7:30 p.m., 130 Noble Hall at Fort Lewis College, 247-7401, www.fortlewis.edu/professionalassociates.

The Supersuckers with The Assortment, 8 p.m., $10, Abbey Theatre, 128 E. College Drive, 385-1711, www.abbeytheatre.com.

Karaoke, 8 p.m., 8th Avenue Tavern, 509 East Eighth Ave., 259-8801.

Guest DJ dance party, 8 p.m., Pongas, 121 W. Eighth St., 382-8554.

Salsa Night, 9 p.m., Moe’s, 937 Main Ave., 259-9018.

Kentucky Delux, 10 p.m., The Summit, 600 Main Ave., 247-2324, www.durangosummit.com.


“Feeble Points of Reference,” works by Alicia McKim, through October, Art Library at the Durango Arts Center, 802 East Second Ave., 259-2606, www.durangoarts.org.

“Painting Stories with Light” by Fran Forman, through Nov. 8, also Altered: An Alternative Photography Show, through October, Open Shutter Gallery, 735 Main Ave., 382-8355, www.openshuttergallery.com.

Paintings by Brenda Grajeda, through November, ENO, 723 East Second Ave., 385-0105.

Southside Artisans Guild Presents landscapes and abstracts of Lou Martinelli, through Sunday, Raider Ridge Cafe, 509 East Eighth Ave., 375-9727.

Mignon, photography by McCarson Jones, through Oct. 25, The Lost Dog Bar & Lounge, 1150 Main Ave., 259-0430, www.redscarfshots.com.


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Ted Holteen is compiling the calendar: Email him at ted@durangoherald.com.

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