Now Showing for Oct. 5-11

The Back Space Theatre

(1120 Main Ave., 259-7940)

Wild Horse, Wild Ride. (No Ebert rating.) A documentary on the Extreme Mustang Makeover Challenge: 100 people are tasked with adopting and taming a wild horse that’s never been touched by human hands.

Gaslight Cinema

(102 Fifth St. Next to the railroad depot, 247-8133)

The Master. HH½ Set in the years after World War II, Philip Seymour Hoffman plays an L. Ron Hubbard-like character and Joaquin Phoenix is an alcoholic who becomes his ardent follower. Rated R.

To Rome with Love. HHH Woody Allen’s latest has high-profile Americans mixing with Europeans and provincials in the Eternal City. Rated R.

For a Good Time Call. HH A movie about two college grads who go into the phone-sex business. I can’t say it any better than Mr. Ebert: “I’m not objecting to the movie on grounds of taste but because it is stupid, vulgar, crass and mercilessly formulaic. On second thought, maybe I am objecting on grounds of taste.” Rated R.

Durango Stadium 9

(Next to Durango Mall, 247-9799)

Neil Young Journeys. HHH (Wednesday only) Mostly concert footage from a show in Young’s home town of Toronto, but he also spends some time revisiting his old stomping grounds. Rated PG.

Taken 2. HHH Liam Neeson returns as a retired spy who must rescue himself from kidnappers this time around. (See review this page.) Rated PG-13.

Frankenweenie. HHH (In standard format and digital 3-D with surcharge.) Tim Burton morphs “Frankenstein” and “Pet Sematary” in this animated feature about a boy trying to reanimate his beloved dog. Rated PG.

Pitch Perfect. HH An all-girl college singing group takes on their rival male counterparts in yet another formulaic and predictable romp. Rated PG-13.

Hotel Transylvania. (No Ebert rating; in standard format and digital 3-D with surcharge.) An animated movie with Adam Sandler voicing Dracula as the owner of a high-end resort. I’ve heard worse premises, unfortunately. Rated PG.

Looper. HHH½ In the year 2074, when the mob wants to put a hit on someone they do it right, sending a hitman back 30 years in the past to kill ’em at the root, so to speak. Rated PG-13.

Won’t Back Down. HH Two mothers work tirelessly to reform their kids’ failing inner-city school. Rated PG.

End of Watch. HHHH Two cops are added to a Mexican cartel’s hit list after a routine traffic stop. Rated R.

The House at the End of the Street. (No Ebert rating) Here’s my guess, sight unseen: Something bad happened in the house and may again. Rated PG-13.

Trouble with the Curve. HHH Clint Eastwood is an aging baseball scout and Amy Adams is his daughter who does what she can to help him stay in the biz. Rated PG-13.

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