Man on acid disrupts Durango Public Library

A 24-year-old Ignacio man who said he was high on acid knocked over chairs and trash cans Friday at the Durango Public Library, police and library officials said.

The disturbance was reported about 3:40 p.m. on the second floor of the library, said Sgt. Rita Warfield, with the Durango Police Department.

Two patrons, including an off-duty deputy for the La Plata County Sheriff’s Office, helped restrain the man until police arrived.

The man said he was high on acid, Warfield said. Acid, also known as “LSD” is a hallucinogenic drug that can cause altered thinking and behavior. It is illegal.

Sandy Irwin, assistant director of the library, said the man was speaking incoherently.

“We were lucky that a couple of patrons subdued the man while we called 911,” she said. “A lot of people gathered around to see what was going on.”

Paramedics with Durango Fire & Rescue Authority responded and took the man to Mercy Regional Medical Center for observation.

Police did not arrest the man or charge him with a crime, Warfield said.

“He was being disruptive and scared a few people, but there was no damage,” she said. “If he would have done damage, we certainly would have charged him.”