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Tipton ad continues health-care attack

Courtesy of VoteTipton.com

Rep. Scott Tipton’s second television ad continues the theme of his first, attacking Democratic opponent Sal Pace’s positions on health care.

By Joe Hanel Herald staff writer

Rep. Scott Tipton, R-Cortez, is out with the second television ad of his campaign, an attack on Democrat Sal Pace’s health-care positions.

Tipton’s first ad also attacked Pace on health care.

In the new ad, a narrator calls out “politician Sal Pace.”

“He supports the new health-care law, cutting over $700 billion from Medicare, hurting Colorado seniors,” a woman says. “Pace supports a single-payer government health-care system, a wholesale government takeover of health care.”

Tipton has made the $700 billion claim before. It refers to President Barack Obama’s health-insurance law, which limits future Medicare payments to hospitals and insurance companies.

The ad does not say that Tipton twice voted for Republican budgets that made the same cuts in future Medicare spending. Tipton’s campaign has defended those votes as ways to extend the life of Medicare, but the independent group Factcheck.org has noted that Obama’s plan does the same thing.

The new ad extends Tipton’s health-care attack against Pace by calling out Pace’s support for government-run insurance.

In 2009, Pace co-sponsored a bill in the Legislature to study a single-payer health-insurance system in Colorado, where the government would replace insurance companies.

At a Grand Junction debate last month, Pace said a Canadian-style single-payer system would make sense if it could be built from the ground up, but he doesn’t support changing the current American system now.

Pace’s campaign manager, Chad Obermiller, said the ad played fast-and-loose with the facts.

“People are sick of the gutter politics and Tipton’s 100 percent negative campaign. Colorado deserves more than cheap-shot politics and the partisan attacks that Tipton has practiced every day he’s been a member of Congress,” Obermiller said.


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