Recovering from 1893 crash was slow, painful

Durango, by 1897, was starting to show signs of slowly recovering from the devastating crash of 1893 and the depression that followed on its heels.

It was the worst depression this generation of Americans had ever suffered. Durango’s growth had slowed, panicking the local “movers and shakers.” Nothing pleased them more than to read about the good news from the schools which seemed to indicate renewed growth.

Durango Evening Herald, Sept. 26, 1897

The schools on Friday completed their first month of the new year. The attendance is larger than was expected. It was as commonly reported and believed that the population of the city had decreased to a considerable extent and that the decrease would be noticeable in the school. On the contrary several of the grades show the largest attendance on record, while the total enrollment in fact, is almost exactly the same number that was enrolled last year.

The superintendent reports that several families have moved to Durango this fall wholly or partly in order to take advantage of the city schools. The advantage of possessing a progressive efficient school system is evident.

It will be interesting for taxpayers to learn that the Durango schools require their support at far lower tax levy than any other system of equal size in the state. The special tax levy in Durango for the ensuring year is 8 mills.

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There are a large number of mining sales being made at the present time and many properties are getting into the hands of those who have plenty of money to open them up. There is not another camp in the San Juan that shows as many transfers as the La Plata district.

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Harry Thomas made a shipment from the Golden Stairs last week that ran $60 in gold, which will pay well, as he has a good body of that kind of ore.

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Our bath rooms are the best in the city Canda and Davis

Sept. 27

The failure of the bank of Rico seems to have taken on some uncertainty as to the payment of depositors shortly.

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The services yesterday in the churches of the city were generally well attended showing renewed interest in the work of the Christian church.

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The gospel meetings were in progress yesterday afternoon and evening the Baptist church was filled at both meetings. The street meeting will be renewed this evening at 7.

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The loss suffered by the farmers of La Plata County by reason of the copious rains for the past two week or more has been greater than is generally supposed. In the Animas valley the second crop of alfalfa is almost an entire loss while the grain, especially wheat, is fully two thirds loss. It is believed on the Pine River and the Florida that the farmers will suffer in like manner.

Duane Smith is a Fort Lewis College history professor. Reach him at 247-2589.