To honor soldiers, think and live freely

I write this to honor the soldiers of this land and those abroad, as we all share the same burden placed on us by our peers. We have fought and still fight for what we believe is right in wars not of our making. Yet the pain that we cause and try dearly to embrace cannot be understood by those who have not tread upon the fields of death.

A friend recently expressed his disgust for our society due to the seemingly complacent nature of it. He said it was going to be his mission to show the world the ugliness of its ways by sleeping on the graves of our fallen brothers and sisters while visiting the families of these heroes to tell them that he shares their pain as well. This America is the product of not only our betrayal in our beliefs but also moral confusion. We fought believing that our efforts were not in vain only to return wounded to the land of consumers and hypocrites who complain of what they do not have and stand by waiting for someone to make it better.

We soldiers pay the debt for this ignorance and stand idly by while our lands are raped from within. History repeats itself again because of the failings of the people to learn from it. Only when the pain is felt by all will all find reason to procure peace as law. What a shame our fine men and women come home to dysfunctional VA facilities that try to put a Band-Aid on the PTSD symptoms instead of dealing with the truth that lays at the heart of the matter which is providing the answer to the question, “Why did we have to fight this war and who was responsible for not doing what is right for everyone so nobody is getting wronged?”

The power to make the world better is with the people who allow change for the better. Please think freely, live freely and believe in the freedom that so many have given their lives for.

Brandon Bussard