Monument designation helps small business

Recently President Barack Obama designated Chimney Rock as a national monument. It might surprise people that the preservation of our stateís public lands is good for my business as a self-employed cabinet maker.

The fact is, the more people who visit Colorado because of places such as Chimney Rock, the more people fall in love with our stateís beauty and recreation opportunities and move here permanently. Iíve seen it happen time and time again. Those people need homes built or remodeled, and thatís where I come in.

Iím not the only person who feels this way. I saw a poll from Small Business Majority that found 65 percent of Colorado entrepreneurs believe designating new national parks and monuments would enhance local jobs and the economy. Whatís more, more than half of our entrepreneurs find the presidentís ďall-of-the-aboveĒ energy policy proposal Ė which promotes development of various energy sources such as solar, wind, coal and natural gas Ė most attractive if it takes an extra step to protect public lands such as Chimney Rock.

As a longtime business owner in the state, Iím excited that generations to come will get to enjoy Chimney Rock, and I hope it brings even more customers to our local businesses Ė our economy needs all the help it can get. And as lawmakers continue shaping important energy policies, I hope they balance the protection of these public lands, and keep small businessesí needs in mind as they do. Small Business Majority also found 72 percent of Colorado business owners believe itís important government continues to invest in clean energy. Through smart energy and preservation policies, we can protect our environment while helping entrepreneurs like me survive and prosper.

Christian Fryer


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