Baxstrom, Lachelt anchored to reality

I believe we’re pretty lucky concerning the county commissioner race this year. There are two candidates who have tons of common sense, are honest, earned a record of hard work, and understand the county and its issues. They both respect private property rights and support gas development with appropriate safeguards concerning the environment, health, and property. They believe planning is necessary with a strong diversity of participants.

They will both examine the issues independently and not automatically vote the party position.

The two candidates are Harry Baxstrom and Gwen Lachelt. If both were commissioners, I believe they would truly complement each other’s performance out of mutual respect.

I believe most solutions to problems are found somewhere in the middle – rarely the extremes.

If you feel that common sense and integrity are often missing in the political scene, please check out these two candidates who are anchored to reality and are not beholden to anyone or anything.

Please vote for Gwen Lachelt and Harry Baxstrom.

Dave Thomson