No one better for county than Gwen Lachelt

Lachelt or Hotter? Two candidates, two very different views for La Plata County. Under Hotter, we saw the comprehensive plan discarded.

This multi-year effort – composed of more than 50 community meetings, years of county staff time and a cost of $750,000 – was derailed because of outlandish concerns by the Hotter-appointed Planning Commission and a handful of their radical supporters. Her folks thought “sustainability” and bike trails were part of a U.N. plot to take over the United States. It was this sort of radical extremism that led Hotter and Lieb to discard the comprehensive plan.

“Sustainability” benefits La Plata County. Providing more food locally through agriculture, conserving and producing more energy so that we are not dependent on foreign countries, creating more jobs through developing our own renewable sources?these are classic ideas of sustainability. Lachelt knows sustainability. U.N. plot or common sense?

The world-class bike trails in the county make La Plata a biking destination bringing tens of millions of dollars into the local economy. Lachelt knows biking. U.N. plot or good for the economy?

For the last 30 years, Lachelt has been involved in starting great community organizations such as San Juan Citizens Alliance, BearSmart and Durango Community Access Television,?to name just a few. She also founded the now-national Oil and Gas Accountability Project, dedicated to protecting landowner rights, water and air quality from irresponsible energy development.

Certainly no stranger to getting things done, she also worked with then-Rep. Ellen Roberts to develop, promote and pass into law the Colorado Landowners Protection Act.

As we have seen, locally and in Washington, polarization gets us nowhere. Elect Lachelt, who has made her living bringing opposing viewpoints to the table and developing consensus on actionable and forward-thinking policies that help to better our lives and strengthen our community.

Lachelt is a doer not a talker. There has never been a better candidate for the job of county commissioner than Gwen Lachelt. Vote for common sense, vote for Lachelt.

Brian Brown