Romney has contempt for his party’s base

I’d like someone to explain something to me. We have a presidential candidate who’s insulted – other than the millionaires and billionaires – just about every group out there from the domestic to the foreign.

In the released video from one of his fundraisers, he basically told us that his Middle East policy was to simply ignore their problems and let them work it out for themselves. And in his press conference following this video release, he was given the opportunity to explain his 47 percent remark.

Well, he told us that his remarks were “off the cuff” and he guessed he could have said things “more eloquently.” I’m not sure how you can insult someone more eloquently.

I know Romney has taken a hit in the polls and some Republicans and military groups are distancing themselves from him, but I still see some Romney signs in yards and they’re not in the yards of any millionaires.

Do these people despise our president and the Democrats’ policies so much that they’re willing to support a man who has so much contempt for his own party’s base? I just don’t get it.

Cindy Harms