Young role models in ‘Pink digs for the cure’

We as adults and parents often fail so miserably to set examples of good citizenship and cooperation for our children. We hold on to what we consider in youth to be “childish ways” – arguing, refusing to listen to others’ views, failing to negotiate and relentlessly blaming someone else for what is happening in our world. This is not something we like to admit, yet it is so obvious during this political season when the squabbling and name calling among candidates and those who support them grows more vicious each day. We fail to be civil to each other or respect others’ views.

Well, for all of you who still believe in civil discourse and service to others, I want you to applaud the young women in our middle and high schools who enter in friendly competition with each other annually while reaching out to their families and friends seeking financial support for cancer patients. The female volleyball teams of Bayfield Middle School, Ignacio middle and high schools, Durango High School, Miller Middle School, Escalante Middle School and Fort Lewis College annually raise funds with “Pink Digs for the Cure” that help support grants and gas money given to people in cancer treatment in our area by the Women’s Health Coalition. These young women meet in friendly competition; they play fair games; they smile and greet each other with appreciation when the game is over. They do not call each other names and seek revenge; they compassionately give their energy to the challenge of playing fairly and giving happily for a just cause.

Terene Foutz, founder of the program, and the coaches at each school are teaching a marvelous lesson, and the young women are listening.

It is to these many young women I send my thanks and appreciation for being role models for adults. Keep it up, ladies. You will create a fair and just world as you become adults who lead us in the future.

B. J. Boucher